Comment bien préparer son Live Shopping ?

Some steps to follow to boost and broadcast your Live Shopping #tips

The layout and equipment of your "studio" is crucial. Here are some points of attention that could have a positive impact on the visual and auditory quality of your live broadcast:

1. The lighting

Make sure you have enough lighting, this will have an impact on the quality of the video on the viewer's side and on the quality of your presented items. Basic kits are already available from 49€:

2. The sound recording

Basically, the microphone of your smartphone can do the job in most cases, but beware of voice-overs and other background noises :-) To avoid this and to ensure an accurate audio recording, there is what is called a "canon" microphone available on the internet from 69,90€:âble/dp/B07K2FWFZ1/ref=pd_sbs_2/262-3869855-5807859?pd_rd_w=8CPFk&pf_rd_p=a8b99513-9ed9-4379-9ce7-04130b9ba223&pf_rd_r=58DA5AT4PYZW2CCFJXCX&pd_rd_r=4e215620-8b1c-4bed-990d-1306bcb11101&pd_rd_wg=ljDN7&pd_rd_i=B07K2FWFZ1&psc=1

Also make sure you don't play your background music too loud :-)

3. Announcing and sharing

A live event is announced in advance. Thanks to Flixby, once you have set up your live show, all you have to do is copy and paste the link of this live show on your favorite channels. (Whatsapp/email/Facebook/Instagram...) A thumbnail with the date, time, title of your live and its image will then be automatically included in this sharing link.

Your spectators will then only have to join your Live on announced link and it is gone!

4. Make sure you have a good connection

In most cases your wifi should be enough, but it can happen that your 4G connection is more efficient, make sure you have a sufficient connection thanks to a quick little speediest (google) or by broadcasting thanks to the "streamer" application of Flixby which will test your bandwidth before each broadcast. (available on Appstore & Playstore)

5. Do not hesitate to explain

To take full advantage of an experience, it is always best to explain the available features to your audience at the beginning or later during the Live. The principle of comments to display or hide, the principle of selectable items that can be added to the shopping cart at any time during the Live and especially the validation of the order, which also takes place through the shopping cart until the order is paid.

You will quickly notice that managing your orders and payments can save you days and days. No more orders in PM or in comments, no more sorting and no more not knowing who your customers are. 

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