Facebook décide d'arrêter le Live Shopping

as of October 1, 2022

Announced this August 3, 2022, Meta decides to stop the functionality of presenting and selling products in a Live Shopping on their network.

 But why?

Let's not forget that Facebook is originally a social network, not a "commercial" one. A platform for entertainment and social relations between people. So they want to focus on 2 main projects in order to succeed in meeting a new success. The "real" ones, just like other platforms like TikTok, which by the way also marked a stop on the Live Shopping. And the "metaverse" that will be born in the next few years. After all, their users are not necessarily buyers. So they are clearly focused on advertising in real, boost and other activation campaigns.

A good thing for the Live Shopping players, suggesting a great opportunity to seize, now that its big players are definitely withdrawing from the subject.

Live video broadcasting is expensive, so we can ask ourselves the question, could streaming on Facebook and others, become paid overnight?

It is therefore time to choose the right broadcasting platform to sell live in the medium term. Flixby allows this and also allows the broadcasting of its live stream on its Facebook page.

La solution au fléau des retours dans l'ecommerce actuel
Selling better means presenting an article better online. Video has a direct impact on this return rate.