La solution au fléau des retours dans l'ecommerce actuel

Selling better means presenting an article better online. Video has a direct impact on this return rate.
With the rise of e-commerce, and the decline in physical stores during the COVID crisis, buyers have adapted new online purchasing strategies: orders made to generate returns: several items of different sizes or colors, models for which the consumer has a doubt but risks nothing, because he can return his item within 15 days, free of charge, without worry.

These behaviors explain a return rate for an average European conversion rate in full growth.

The results: a huge logistical workload that means losses for merchants, a carbon footprint related to increasing round trips and unprocessed return volumes, which are sometimes directly destroyed.

More online business, but at what cost?

Studies show that one of the primary causes of product returns is the lack of information in the online product description. This return rate reaches an average of 43% in Europe

A paradox between the more and more consequent efforts to convert visitors, more and more numerous to send back their article. 

A considerable loss of profit for the online actors, but above all, an ecological disaster in terms of C02 emissions. Packages that can, in some cases, travel several thousand kilometers before finding a new buyer or simply being destroyed.

The startup Flixby that allows you to buy better online

A better presentation of the product sold online has a direct impact on the conversion rate and inevitably has a positive impact on the return rate. 

Startup Flixby's technology can enhance product presentation and instantly answer consumer questions during Live Shopping sessions. 

In the form of live video or replay video, the items are presented in all forms, the community interacts on the product. Thanks to this immersive experience, the purchase is done with less doubt and in a 100% integrated way with the video.

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