Le Live Shopping, l’avenir de l’e-commerce en Europe ?

What future for the next 5 years?

Live shopping has been very successful in Europe with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent restrictions on so-called non-essential businesses and their multiple mandatory closures. 

This live video shopping, mainly broadcasted on social networks, has seduced a certain clientele, already faithful to online sales sites. Much more than a simple TV shopping session, live shopping is now a real experience, with questions and answers, animations and even prestigious guests. 

Shopping is now done virtually, while having fun. But what is the future of live shopping in Europe?

More than a trend, a real phenomenon that arrives AND settles in Europe.


The Live Shopping concept comes straight from China, where since 2016, no less than 560 million Internet users-customers have already been convinced by the formula thanks to more than 10 million regular Live Shopping hosts. Influencers, merchants, retailers or big brands have seen it as a new way to present and sell their products.

 In Europe, we can cite the example of several hundred local stores, Clarins, L'Oréal, Carrefour or even IKKS, which have fully launched live shopping in 2021. 

A recent study published by Frost & Sullivan and McKinsey predicts that the live shopping market will be worth 390 billion Euros by 2022, with a growth rate of nearly 200% each year.

Un marché européen très intéressé.

In Europe, the market seems to be totally ready for this new fashion. According to a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by AliExpress, out of 14,460 consumers surveyed in the UK, Spain, France and Poland, 70% said they were interested in this form of online shopping. 

Consumers praise 3 qualities of shopping: trust through the popular and social side of live, the price and the possibility to make immediate purchases based on a one to one contact with the live host/salesperson. For a third of them, it is a real saving of time and advice, much more than an image on an e-commerce.

There is no doubt that this mode of online sales has a future in Europe in the coming years. It is a new way of consuming that should bring a real plus and boost sales. The rate of engagement, the average basket and the customer relationship is totally amplified thanks to the Live Shopping principle. In an environment that is constantly seeking to renew itself in order not to become old, all innovations are good to take.

Reste à faire le bon choix quant à la plateforme de diffusion de son Live, les réseaux sociaux classiques ayant leurs limites, n’étant pas directement destinées à ce process.

Flixby.live, the new way, dedicated to Live Shopping that improves the experience

Since 2020, Flixby.live has understood the emergence of this new online sales principle. But it has also seen some flaws. As a "merchant", how can I manage my customer data, manage my order or payment process? That's why, on Flixby, the merchant prepares his Live, the proposed items and then proposes the sale of these items immediately in the Live, without having to leave this Live and this until the payment of his shopping cart. This radically simplifies the life of the Live Shopping animators and allows them to concentrate on orders and customer satisfaction. And to top it all off, flixby even offers the possibility to broadcast its Live simultaneously on its own Facebook page :-).

Discover the testimony of Emilie, a local store that uses Flixby as a broadcasting platform for its Live Shopping sessions:


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