Pourquoi arrêter votre Live Shopping sur Facebook ou Instagram

Facebook offers a phenomenal audience, but is it the right audience for your Live Shopping?

2020... time for the first containment, and not the least. Private confinement and closure of our so-called "non-essential" businesses forced. Then the magic happens and we see the birth of Live Shopping initiatives. A trend that has been well known for a few years in China and that is suddenly coming to Europe. For lack of tools, most of them are launched on classic networks such as Facebook or Instagram but... at what price?

Quantity is good, quality is better

Of course, the first reflex of any merchant from 2020, small or big, was to broadcast Lives on Facebook... but the counterproductive effect can happen faster than you think. The broadcast of a Live on these networks was not imagined to sell live. Imagine, 500 viewers on a Sunday evening, like every week... for 200 orders, 300 questions, 100 article changes, 50 cancellations... all in 55min of Live and without knowing the complete identity of your audience. All this of course in the comments thread or in "MP" during the same Live... It's impossible to offer a correct customer experience, which is a pity because that was the goal!

How about a link to the e-shop?

Many local stores have gone through it, for lack of any other solution... But again, imagine yourself in a physical store, where you are presented with an item and you have to walk 1Km more to buy it... can you believe it? Yes, I can assure you that 50% of these people will be distracted during this km by other items than yours.

Algo what?

While at one time the word algorithm sounded like the name of a Greek God forgotten on the school benches, today it speaks to almost everyone. And there, mystery and gumdrop. What about the Facebook algorithm? Should I boost my Live to have more chances? How do I do it? Without a customer database? And if at the same time we could avoid the "live spam" of marabouts or others...

Up to 6 more people to manage my "success"

What's the point of experiencing more and more growth during Live Shopping on these networks if the expense curve borders on it? "I had to hire 6 more people just to manage my preparations, management and post-lives of each week, today, even with 6 people it takes me 10 days to shell, manage, contact, check and send the packages for 1 Live"... We hear it every week at Flixby... 

Keep that close to live momentum, without the complexity 

Let's come back to the real objective of a Live Shopping: Create awareness, to engage and convert, right? It is therefore essential to choose the right broadcasting channel without losing the advantages of the others. The best mix at the moment? A social network like Flixby.live which allows you to prepare your live, the articles presented, share it on these same networks (because in the end, it is there, their only role) broadcast it by offering your audience a buying experience by not leaving this "momentum". I discover the article live, I ask a question, I add to my cart and I close or not my order. Basta. Not to mention the advantage for the merchant... a few clicks and 9 days saved!

Comment bien préparer son Live Shopping ?
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